Life gets hard and people need to make certain decisions that require immense courage to face unexpected outcomes. Everything does not go according to the plan, sometimes the table turns opposite to our expectations. Similar is the case with settling down in a place to get our lives sorted and bring stability in it. For many of us, owning a home is a lifelong goal, and achieving it is an accomplishment but trends are mixed up nowadays and people are shifting their focus from buying to renting a home according to their convenience. Yes, you have guessed it right, in this blog you are going to get some information regarding which is a better option nowadays, renting or buying a house. Although, it all depends upon the person that how things work out for him. First things first, financial advantages must be kept in mind before renting or purchasing any property. For some people renting might be a more affordable option and for some others, purchasing is the more suitable option. Before taking any big decision, make sure that you read this blog…although it is a bit longer you will not regret sparing few minutes reading this article.

Maintenance of property

Renting a property does not require maintenance or repair costs. When you rent a property, you do not need to repair things if there is some damage. It is your landlord’s responsibility to take care of all these things. It is a somewhat hassle-free process as you do not need to take things in your own hands and take time out of your busy routine to fix things up. Furthermore, homeowners are solely responsible for taking all the responsibility for maintaining and repairing things.

Availability of Benefits:

An additional advantage of having a rental property is that you can have easy access to multiple amenities. All you have to do is to search for the right house which is according to your desires. For this purpose, you can contact some reliable real estate agency or realtor. There are many property dealers in the market but it is important to find someone reliable as it involves your hard-earned money. Venture agency is one of the leading real estate agency which is famous for its trustworthy and timely procedure.

Property Tax:

Moving forward, tax-paying is also another disadvantage. Property taxes can be very large in amount for the homeowners, so for people who have a fixed amount of money, they should rent the property rather than owning one and paying taxes to the extent where they can get bankrupt. There is an additional perk of having a rented house is that, you do not need to pay property taxes. Hence, it is better to save yourself from this financial burden.


Down payment:

There is no need for a down payment in renting a property. All you need is to pay security and rent in the first month which is very less than the down payment. The down payment itself is a problem for many people because you need a huge amount for down payment only. People who do not have a down payment are better off renting a space.

Choice Of Living In Different Areas

Practically, this idea is great for those who are fond of roaming around the world. Owning property would restrict you to one place whereas renting around the area gives you a chance of traveling to a new place. It is a flexible option for renters who prefer going to places. Moreover, people living in expensive cities cannot afford to have a house at a reasonable price in their desired location. Renting is also a suitable option for students and newcomers in the city.

Decreased property value:

We all know that property is only valuable, till it has a profitable turnover and if loses its value, then its sale price will also decrease. . It is also evident that with time value of every property decreases. Renters can get benefit from this point of view because they can acquire huge money by renting a flat or house in such an area, where the rates are a bit low. Moreover, homeowners are somewhat at a loss because they do not get enough turnover from their investments immediately. Residential area impacts a lot on the rates of your home. Similar is the case with commercial property, the more the value the land will be, and the more turnover it will generate. In an uncertain situation of the real estate market, renters are at benefit instead of property holders.

Fixed Rent:

A person knows that he had to pay a certain amount of money on a specific date so it helps in budgeting accordingly. Although, landlords can increase the rental amount by issuing a notice beforehand and it usually is a one-month time notice but still it helps in managing financial strategy.

Insurance cost:

As per the rule, homeowners and tenants have to pay insurance money. Rental insurance is way cheaper than insurance money homeowner would pay. Rental insurance is valid in the case of fully furnished apartments and houses. This money can also give a guarantee to the owner for the safe usage of his appliances and furniture.

Variation in cost:

Houses cost more than rental flats or apartments. If someone is interested in renting a house, he has to pay more rent whereas in renting a flat will cost less money. Similarly, they have higher utility bills as compared to flats.
Now moving further, there is another stance which is buying a home is better than renting a property. People who can afford to own a home must keep this thing in mind that they would face some financial instability in the future to a certain period. It is good to consider all the pros and cons of purchasing a home before becoming a homeowner.

Owning A House

Long term investment:

It is always beneficial to secure land that is valuable because if the worth of the house depreciates, the land on which it is built still can be very valuable. So, it would not as a full loss for the property owner.


As a homeowner, you can have plenty of privacy at your place which is unlikely in rental property. Moreover, you have an excessive margin to renovate or re-do your home according to your needs and desires. You do not have to bother about your landlord’s permission to do bring some changes to the house according to your accessibility.

Extra income:

If a person does not have a big family, then he can also rent out one portion of his house. In this way, he can generate extra income. Although, renting is optional but it can turn out to be a very effective way of generating more money.
Stable monthly payments
Areas like DHA valley, offer you a house on lease which is very feasible for the buyer to pay his money in installments. It would not burden you immediately to pay a huge amount of money.


Buying a house brings stability in terms of staying in the same place for a longer period. If you are planning to stay somewhere for a long time then purchasing is a good option. There are many options available in BAHRIA and DHA where you can buy houses of various sizes and even flats are also available at very reasonable prices.



High cost:

To buy a house or flat, a person needs an enormous amount of money which he would take time to gather. Along with his other expenses, it is very difficult to buy a house. Although, houses for sale in BAHRIA  and DHA vary in cost you have always plenty of options to choose from. You can contact a reliable real estate agency to sort your payment plan for this big decision.

Mobility restriction:

On one hand, if owning a house means stability the on the other hand it means it would be difficult for a person had to choose between his home and an attractive job opportunity.

Costs are under control:

While living on rent, it depends on the landlord that how much he charges you but owning your house is cost-effective. You can take control of your bills and maintenance costs. In case you rent your house then you have to bear maintenance expenses if there is some technical issue going on. If the tenant has done some damage then it is his responsibility to endure the expenditure and resolve the issue.


Equity does not grow overnight, it takes time. It depends on the development of the area where you have purchased a house. For example, if your house is in secured housing societies such as BAHRIA ,DHA, and BAHRIA ENCLAVE, It is more likely that your house would generate equity in a short period. It is wise to invest in such an area where there are chances of development in near future. In case, you have invested in a wrong place where there is no chance of development, then my friend…you might face some issues in terms of revenue.
Value of property may fall
It is an important factor in buying and selling your property that its value may fall or rise depending upon the ongoing scenarios in the real estate world. Sometimes overall the property rates are depreciated due to some reasons such as non-availability of basic utilities such as water, shortage of electricity, etc. Other than this, maintaining your property is a must for increasing its worth. Building, with time, deteriorates and it needs to be maintained to ensure its value.

Difficulty in selling your property:
In comparison with other assets such as stocks, it is difficult to sell your house because it takes time. In this process, an owner needs to maintain the property to keep it in proper SHAPE. Moreover, selling itself is a lengthy process where one has to stay very vigilant and active in the real estate market. One has to keep up with current market rates to sell the property at the right rates.

Investing Opportunities In DHA

DHA Islamabad is the reflection of the aspiring vision of twin cities in terms of infrastructure, urban planning amenities, and other facilities. Moreover, it offers mixed communities such as residential properties, commercial properties, and other mixed developed communities. Realtors dealing in DHA are credible and facilitate their clients to the fullest. The process they run is foolproof and they make sure that they understand their client’s needs. It is important to get in touch with a credible real estate agency such as Venture Agency, whose agents have good knowledge about various business and residential areas within DHA.

• DHA is a very secure and developed residential society where a person can easily invest in multiple properties.

• Furthermore, it has an easy buying process. Normally, they have lease terms of 9 or 12 years whereas an occasional short-term lease is also offered which is of 3 or 6 years.

• Numerous properties have different features, dimensions, and inclusions. While constructing any building either it is for commercial purposes or domestic, DHA has some rules which they make sure, are followed by everyone.

• Property care is also provided by the DHA authority throughout the lease. There are multiple services such as repair work, visiting the property while it is being leased.

• DHA teams also inspect the property on the demand of the leaseholder and the property is kept occupied throughout the lease term.

Similarly, BAHRIA Town Islamabad is also an extravagant society to live in. It is as secure as DHA is and provides various benefits to its residents. The basis of this city was laid in the 1990s and it is the first-ever planned urban society. This is the reason that majority of people like to invest in BAHRIA Town Islamabad. Many real estate agencies are dealing in BAHRIA, from among hundreds of realtors, people find the most trustworthy agents and invest their money in this society. Consequently, it has become a favorite among people and it rapidly gained popularity. To the degree of its popularity, recent buying statistics show that it is at the top of land investments these days. BAHRIAhas different plot sizes and their rates vary according to the size and location. You can find multiple options for renting and purchasing homes and flats.

If you are interested in buying or renting a property, then you need reliable real estate agents who can guide you through the whole process of taking possession of your property. You can contact us (Venture Agency) through our UAN or visit our office which is situated in DHA phase 1, sector –F. You will be amazed to see the expertise of agents and in no time, you will have your own house or commercial property.

In conclusion, owning a home is a dream of many people and people work hard to achieve this dream but for many people renting is a way to go. It is up to a person whether he likes to have a home of his own or he will prefer the other way round. Renting has its benefits and flexibility, which is financially sound for some other people. People who are new to any city are more inclined towards renting space rather than jumping directly into buying a house of their own. It is better to inspect the residential situation of any city before buying or renting any kind of property whether it is residential or commercial.

BAHRIA and DHA Islamabad are good options if you are looking for any investment opportunity. Some things must be kept in mind before buying or renting any piece of property and taking guides from professionals is a must. Hiring or taking help from a real estate agent will make your work reliable and fast. Make sure to go for authentic professionals to get your investment spend on the right land. Money spends in the right place will always generate revenue in a short period.